A variety of services to ease the lives of you and your animal companions!

We understand how important excellent pet care is and offer a variety of services to best suit everyone's needs. Whether you're away for the day, or out of town for a week, Doggy Devotion is happy to accommodate to your family. 

Dog Walking

*15 minute walks

$10 for 1 Dog

$15 for 2 Dogs

$20 for 3 Dogs 

*30 minute walks

$20 for 1 Dog

$30 for 2 Dogs

$40 for 3 Dogs

Additional times and pricing available upon request for all services.

Drop In Visits

Drop in visits are 30-60 minute visits that cover feeding, bathroom break, and TLC. 

*30 minute visit $20

*60 minute visit $40

Critter Care

30 minute visits to care for, feed, clean, and love on critters and exotic pets.

Cats $10

Small & Furry  $10

Birds $20

Reptiles $20

Exotics $25

Price is per pet unless discussed prior to services.

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Overnight Pet Care

I will come spend the night at your home and care for all pets in the home for the price listed per night.

$65 up to 3 pets

$75 up to 5 pets

$85 for 7+ pets

Pet Taxi

Does your pet have somewhere to go? To the vet, to a boarding kennel, to a training class, and back home again. We can get them there safely!

$15 one way trip

$30 round trip

$30 round trip plus $10 per hour for vet visits & classes.

Puppy Adventures

Get your pup out and active with a trip to the dog park or a hike around a beautiful lake.

Let your dog discover something new!

$30 Dog Park Trips

$25 Hiking Time

Spa Services

Done in the comfort of your own home!

Less stress on you and your pal!

$10 Nail Trims

$15 Bath

$10 Ear Cleaning

$10 Teeth Cleaning

$20 Brush Out

$50 The Works Special

What our customers are saying

I'm starting with Dezi is great! But that really can't cover it. After being in the pet care business for almost two decades, I have seen a lot of people pass through. Dezi is the bright spot. She truly cares, she is attentive and detail oriented, she is genuinely interested in my pets the same way she is in her own. She sends pictures and boasts about my kids too! I highly recommend Dezi and I'm insanely picky. I have special needs pets and exotics, she has taken the time to get to know about them and to know them as the little furr butts with big personalities!.

Angela- multispecies pet owner, extensive pet knowledge holder, loving furmom!